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Design and creativity are at the very core of what we do. A lifetime of design experience flows into every thought process, decision and opportunity to create something of value. Be it helping companies to unlock their creative potential, or creating a one off piece of furniture, the goal is simple, whatever we do, we apply passion and creativity in equal measure. Applying 'design thinking', we are able to create outcomes that surprise and delight.
The one thing you won't be able to do, is pigeon hole us. Thriving on variety, our work is kept fresh. Designing, making, helping, our output is diverse as it draws on that wide pool of experience.
Our current focus is on the ecologically friendly 'Artist Pencil'. Some time in the making, but we think worth the effort. Trying to reinvent such a simple and iconic item in the profoundly digital age we live in was challenging, 'why' being as big a question as 'how'. We've enjoyed the creative journey to finding the answers to those questions. Now we need to get it out there and into your own creative hands. We hope you enjoy the story below.
We are currently working on our new e commerce shop. This will be up and running in the near future.

In the meantime if you can't wait to own one of our lovely products, please use the contact page and we'll get back to you shortly.
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The Artist Pencil

When creativity flows, the Artist Pencil flows with you

How the idea for the Artist Pencil came about, its development and now, some of the new designs that add exciting capabilities such as the Artist Dip Pen, an Illustrator's dream, The Artist Technical Pencil for Designers, Illustrators and Doodlers and The Artist Writer, your companion to creative writing…

Working with Wool

Capturing the character of Cumbria

Wool is an amazing resource. Often undervalued, but we love it. Beautiful wet felted vessels, cheeky needle felted characters, luxurious rugs and wall panels. Inspired by the natural beauty of the lakes….


The joy of turning thought into beautiful reality

There is a joy to making, of having ideas and crafting them into life, with your own two hands.
We are constantly learning and evolving our skills, adding new techniques alongside work we've been doing for years. Variety is indeed the 'spice of life'…..


Unlocking creative potential

How do you identify what you should do next? What do you know about the customers you need to attract? How do you get new ideas? How do you evaluate them? How can you create certainty in an uncertain world? Is it even possible?…..


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Tales from the Deep Dale. We live in an amazing part of the world. There's always something new to see, characters to meet, lakes to paddle, views to admire. Share our thoughts and musings from the Cumbria we love…..

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